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Permit Information

In order to make a new connection or repair an existing connection to any sanitary sewer within the District, you must first obtain a Connection Permit issued by the District. This process consists of three steps.

  1. The property owner or his agent completes the Application for Connection permit form.
  2. The District prepares the Connection Permit package.
  3. The applicant, or his agent, pays the appropriate fee and picks up the permit.

For more information, questions or to submit the permit application please send to permits@u-csd.com

Connection Fee information

Before May 1, 2016 $355.00 per PE
After May 1, 2016 $373.00 per PE
After May 1, 2017 $391.00 per PE
After May 1, 2018 $411.00 per PE
After May 1, 2019 $432.00 per PE
After May 1, 2020 $453.00 per PE

Interceptor Cost Recovery Fees

Before May 1, 2016 $240.00
After May 1, 2016 $280.00
After May 1, 2017 $325.00
After May 1, 2018 $335.00
After May 1, 2019 $345.00
After May 1, 2020 $355.00


A single family residence is 3.5 PE.

If the connection is to a sewer within the corporate limits of Champaign, Urbana or Savoy, the applicant then takes the permit to the respective municipality for their processing. Each community is required to inspect the actual installation work and return a completed inspection form to the District. If the connection is to a District interceptor sewer, the District will observe and inspect the connection as well.

Other information related to Sewer Use Permits:

Ordinance 600 An Ordinance Enacting Regulations for the Construction, Connection, Use and Pretreatment Program for Private and Public Sewers Tributary to the Water Pollution Control Facilities of the Urbana & Champaign Sanitary District.
Ordinance 676 An Ordinance Establishing Connection Fees
Ordinance 698 An Ordinance Establishing Revised Rates For Connection Fees and Interceptor Cost Recovery Fees
UCSD Manhole Adjustment Policy


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